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In sports, it's pretty much accepted wisdom that home teams have the advantage; that's why teams with winning records on the road do so well in the playoffs. But for some reason we rarely think about "the home field advantage" when we look at defending our networks. After all, the best practice in architecting a secure network is a layered, defense-in-depth strategy. We use firewalls, DMZs, VPNs, and configure VLANs on our switches to control the flow of traffic into and through the perimeter, and use network and host-based IDS technology as sensors to alert us to intrusions.

These are all excellent security measures – and why they are considered "best practices" in the industry – but they all fall loosely into the same kind of protection that a castle did in the Middle Ages. While they act as barriers to deter and deny access to known, identifiable bad guys, they do very little to protect ... Read more »

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About F-Secure Exploit Shield


F-Secure Exploit Shield is an application that protects users from web-based malicious exploits and stops malware at the first point of infection. All malicious, exploit-hosting URLs it detects are automatically reported back to F-Secure's Real-time Protection Network, which helps our Security Labs discover new exploits on the Internet and react to protect all our existing customers.

F-Secure Exploit Shield features


* Zero Day Protection: Protects unpatched machines even before patches are available from the software vendor.

* Patch-equivalent Protection: One 'shield' update per vulnerability stops all exploits targeting it.

* Proactive Measures: Heuristic detection techniques block exploits even for unknown vulnerabilities.

* Protects against both malicious websites and good websites that have been hacked.

* Autom ... Read more »
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