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IPB v2.x up to 3.0.4 XSS vulnerability
[+] Invision Power Board XSS vulnerability

       Software : Invision Power Board (IPB)
       Affected : IPB v2.x up to v3.0.4 (prior versions might be vulnerable as well)
       Remote   : Yes
       Required : Internet Explorer +5.0
       Vendor   : http://www.invisionpower.com/
       Download : Commercially available
       Author   : Xacker
       Contact  : N/A
       Blog     : http://xacker.wordpress.com
       Website  : N/A

[+] Technical details

       IP.Board is prone to XSS attacks through maliciously crafted *.txt
files attachments. An attacker has to convince a user to view the
malicious file in order to run the evil code.

       The only browser found affected is Internet Explorer +5.0, other
browsers (FF/Chrome/Opera..) seems to handle the issue correctly (or
simply blindly?)

       IP.Board v2.x set the MIME-type of *.txt files to
(application/x-dirview). If the *.txt file contains JavaScript/HTML it
will simply be parsed on IE +5.

       IP.Board v3.0.4 (and prior) seems to check the content of the files
before permitting them, tags like "<body> , <script> , etc.." are
flagged *dangerous* any file containing any of them simply fail to be
uploaded. The filter itself is weak, to escape it I provide a
proof-of-concept code below.

[+] Exploit

       <span onmouseover="javascript:alert('XSS');function
fakeLoginPage(){...}">move your mouse pointer here</span>

       fakeLoginPage() function can be used to rewrite the whole page,
faking a login page through an embedded iframe.

[+] Fix

       Simply change MIME-type of *.txt files (and any other similar
formats) to (text/plain).

[+] Note

       IP.Board technical staff has been notified of the issue and a fix has
been released couple of days ago:
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